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Summer ready? Keeping Kids Cool and Safe on a Budget

May 15, 2024


The sun’s out, the birds are singing, and the chorus of “Can we go outside?” is about to hit a summer crescendo! We all dream of picture-perfect days at the beach and endless ice cream cones, but keeping little ones entertained for weeks can feel like a financial juggling act.

Fear not, budget-savvy parents! Creating a fantastic summer for your kids doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s how to get summer-ready with your little ones while keeping safety and fun at the forefront:

Sun Safety First:

Before the outdoor adventures begin, prioritize sun protection. Dig out those hats – do they still fit? Have the kids had a growth spurt since last summer? Perhaps ask around your friendship circles if their kids have outgrown bits and pieces, try to buy 2nd hand to cut costs and take a look in your local Charity shops for a bargain. Summer clothes often get discoloured by sun creams and I can’t tell you the amount of hats we have lot over the years, so buying pre-loved makes it less of a financial hit when things get lost. This is also a great opportunity to set a good example. Grab your hat, apply sunscreen liberally, and show your kids the importance of sun safety.

Top Picks for Sensitive Skin:

Looking for kid-friendly sunscreens known for their staying power and suitability for sensitive skin? Here is an article listing popular children’s products Our favourites are:

Childs Farm – Childs Farm offers a very high-protection SPF 50+ sun cream that’s perfect for days spent outdoors. the gentle formula is kind to delicate skin, providing instant protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Here’s why we love Childs Farm sun cream:

  • Suitable for All Skin Types: Dermatologist and paediatrician approved, safe for sensitive skin and eczema-prone individuals.
  • Very High Protection (SPF 50+): Offers maximum defence against sun damage.
  • Water Resistant: Keeps protection active during water play.
  • Ocean-Friendly & Octocrylene-Free: Developed with the environment in mind.
  • Convenient Formats: Choose from 100ml or 200ml tubes for easy portability.
  • Suitable for Ages 6 Months & Up: Protects the whole family from the sun.

Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 50+ 150 ml sun cream that’s perfect for kids on the move, its so easy to reapply and reach those tricks areas behind knees and ankles.

Here’s why we we love it:

  • SPF 50+ Protection: offering high protection against UVA and UVB rays, which is crucial for safeguarding children’s delicate skin.
  • Easy Application: The spray format makes application a breeze, especially for squirmy kids who dislike sunscreen time.
  • Fast Absorbing: The mist absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue, which is a big win for both kids and parents.
  • Sand Repellent: This feature is a game-changer! No more battling itchy sand clinging to sunscreen-covered skin.
  • Water Resistant: Perfect for splashing in the waves without worrying about reapplication every five minutes.

I should also mention Solar Buddies – refillable sun cream applicators, these are refillable and so easy for kids to use, we have them in our school bag/nursery bag and it empowers our children to apply their sun cream under supervision.

  • Refillable: Solar Buddies applicator is refillable and allows you to use a sunscreen of your choice.
  • Easy Application: The shape of the bottle is chunky so it is easier to grip and with its sponge and rollerball partnership it allows for easy coverage with less mess and no waste due to its controlled flow and that means no more messy hands and that’s why it’s so unique.
  • Great for kids: A great sun safe teaching tool that allows your children to understand the importance of protecting their skin.

Remember: Sunscreen loses effectiveness over time. Check the expiry date on any leftover lotion from last year, and if it’s past its prime, invest in a new bottle.

Beat the Heat (Without Breaking the Bank):

Who needs expensive water parks when you can create your own backyard oasis? A simple paddling pool can provide hours of entertainment. Fill it up with the hose, throw in some pool toys and watch your little ones have a blast and keep cool. Consider where you place this and if it needs to move into or out of the shade as the day progresses. Water balloons and water pistols are great fun and can be found in pond shops or local high street chains.

Hydration Heroes:

Keeping your kids hydrated is crucial during hot weather. Invest in reusable water bottles with fun designs or characters that encourage them to drink up. Fun straws are great. If you have plastic bottles fill them half way and pop them in the freezer overnight, this way you can open them easily and add fresh water, they will melt during the course of the day. This is also a helpful addition to a school lunch if you don’t have a spare ice block.

Fruity Fun & Cool Treats:

Beat the heat with refreshing, homemade snacks! Freeze chopped fruit in yogurt for delicious frozen yogurt bites, or create healthy popsicles with diluted fruit juice and chopped fruit pieces. Here are some budget-friendly popsicle recipes to get you started: https://www.captainbobcat.com/healthy-3-ingredient-ice-lollies-in-15-minutes/

Summer Sunburn SOS:

Sunburn happens, even with the best intentions. Soothe irritated skin with cool aloe Vera gel. As soon as the sun appears I pop a bottle of after sun in the fridge for an extra cooling effect!

Recognizing Overexposure:

Be aware of the signs of overexposure to the sun, such as redness, itching, blistering, or feeling hot to the touch. If your child experiences any of these symptoms, seek shade immediately and offer cool drinks. In severe cases, consult a doctor.

Keeping cool at bedtime:

A helpful trick to cool the air in your rooms is to place ice in front of a fan not behind it. The air will circulate through the ice, and as it does, it will pick up the cold temperature of the ice. This, in turn, will cool your space, additionally, the evaporating water from the melted ice will help to add humidity to the air, which can also help to cool things down. However you don’t wan to run up electricity bills so strategic placement of fans is a must. If you don’t have ice you can hang a wet towel near a fan.

Here’s how Tinytags can help:

Summer days often mean outings – the beach, the park, a splash park. With all the excitement, it’s easy for little ones to wander off or belongings to get misplaced. Tiny Tags come to the rescue!

Our range of products, from Tiny Tags Stickers for water bottles and beach bags to waterproof Wristbands, ensures your child and their belongings are easily identifiable. Lost items can be quickly reunited, saving you time and worry! Plus, Tiny Tags offer an extra layer of security for children with food allergies!

Tiny Tags: Digital Medical Information:

Tiny Tags products are NFC and/or QR code enabled, allowing you to store and easily share essential information like your child’s name, emergency contact details, and a list of allergies. A quick scan with a smartphone can provide medical personnel or concerned individuals with crucial details in an emergency situation. This is especially helpful for children who are non-verbal or too young to communicate effectively.

Durable & Comfortable for Active Kids:

Unlike traditional allergy cards, Tiny Tags products are waterproof and durable, making them ideal for active kids. Tags can be worn on a lanyard, clipped to a backpack, or attached/stuck to a medical bag. Stickers are fade resistant and waterproof and can be attached to luggage, iPad etc and we have wristbands which are comfortable and stretchy

Complementary to Alert Cards:

Tiny Tags are not a replacement for allergy alert cards, but rather a complementary tool. You can think of them as a digital extension of the information on the card.

Medical Bag Attachment:

Consider attaching a Tiny Tag to your child’s medical bag or medication. This way, if your child has an allergic reaction and is unable to communicate, medical personnel can access vital information quickly.

Cost effective solution:

Tiny Tags stickers are a cost effective way to keep your valuables protected, by simply scanning the QR code you receive a location alert and the finder can call you to return the items. We all know how expensive and inconvenient it can be to loose your items. Stickers offer a simple solution.

Days out and annual memberships are already so expensive, you want to have a great day out with the family. However if you loose sight of your child even for a second it can ruin the whole day, the worry and anxiety is the everlasting memory. However by wearing a tinytags wristband or tinytags tag you know that your emergency information is on your child. Enabling a first responder can access your information within seconds and act quickly to reunite you quicker.

Written by Katie Green

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