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How does tinytag work?

Setting up your tinytag product

When your tinytag product arrives, simply tap with your mobile (ensure NFC is enabled) or scan the QR code with your smartphone camera and follow the steps on screen to set up your account and tag.

That’s it! Your tinytag product is ready to use. Your emergency details can be updated at any time by logging in to your tinytags account via “Members Login”

Your tinytag product is found and tapped...

When you tinytag product is tapped your contact information is clearly displayed on a phone screen.

Get notified

You can be contacted with the information you have added to your tinytags product. Product features include email alerts, instant text message and location pin notification when and where your tinytags product was scanned.

tinytags products have multiple applications. tinytags tags and wristbands are wearable and transferrable, tags can be added to coats and clothing or added to bags, purse etc. Stickers can be added to scooters, bikes and suitcases.  When you tap a tinytags product with a smartphone device the information on the tinytags product presents on the device.

Near-field communication. Enables communication between two electronic devices over a distance of 4cm or less,  it is a simple, fast, and safe short-range wireless communication method between two NFC-enabled devices. It can be used for contactless payments, digital content sharing, and connection between two devices with a simple touch. Most phones have NFC built in and are using it already for payments etc but if you are having any issues check your phones settings to switch NFC on.

Our NFC tags and QR codes contain a link to your members login page – my.tinytags.co.uk On this page you input your emergency information and select the notification functionality you need. Alternatively login on our “MEMBERS LOGIN”

tinytags tags measure 30mm in size and come with a keychain attachment. To ensure safety, we’ve included a small parts warning on our packaging. For the safety of children under 3 years of age, we advise against their use, as the small parts could pose a choking hazard.


tinytags start working from day 1, simply activate by tapping with your phone.


tinytags are a small plastic tag with an embedded antenna, no batteries are required.  Your tinytags are strong enough to withstand day to day activities however it is recommended that they are not put under pressure as they may break and we also recommend that you remove tags before using a washing machine or tumble dryer. If you have any concerns about your tinytags please send us an email. 

Simply cut through the tinytag and dispose of parts separately as you would a debit or credit card.

If you lose your tinytags product it will contain your contact number so it can be returned to you.

With tinytags you can update the product via members login to show as lost and leave instructions about how to return to you or us.

We would expect your tinytag product to arrive by post in 3-5 business days. However we will notify customers if we are made aware of postal delays/strikes and amend our timescale accordingly. 

Your tinytags product contains a URL LINK to a secure webpage and will display the information you choose.  A tinytag product must be tapped to access this information. Please see our privacy policy for how we use your data. 

All modern phones are NFC enabled (the top 10 manufacturers), You can check if your phone is NFC enabled in your phone settings. If you are experiencing any issues adjust the position of the mobile device so that the NFC reader is positioned over the centre of the NFC tag. 

No APP required. To update the information on your tinytags product, update notes, change telephone numbers, change alert preference etc simply click into your Members Login page.

The tinytags product itself gives a clear instruction “If found tap here with your NFC enabled phone” we have also included a helpful image showing how simple it is. 

You can personalise your tinytags product by adding telephone numbers, names, medical notes etc.  This information can be updated via Members Login screen. You can also choose if you want to receive email and text alerts.

tinytags tags measure in 30mm in size and for this reason we have included a small parts warning on our packaging. The tinytags tags are plastic with a built in antenna.

tinytags lanyards have a quick release clasp for safety.

No batteries are included or required in any of our products.

You can personalise your tinytags products by adding telephone numbers, names, medical notes etc.  This information can be updated via Members Login screen. You can also choose if you want to receive email and text alerts.

Not to worry, simply click the password reset tab and we will get you access ASAP.

We’re currently shipping to mainland UK addresses.

Setting up your tinytags product is simple. 

  1. When you tinytags product arrives, simply tap it with your phone, the screen will prompt you to confirm your email and send you a verification code. (Check spam if this hasn’t arrived after a minute).
  2. Create a password
  3.  Set up your details on screen and chose your notification preferences. 
  4. To make changes log into Members Login to view your dashboard and update your tinytags product information at any time. 

Yes! Our products work overseas. As long as the phone has wifi/ data then the information on our tinytag products can be displayed on their phone.

Here at tinytags we hope you never feel the need to raise a complaint about a product or service, but if you do please reach out to us at [email protected] and let us do out best to work with you to make things right. We aim to respond to all queries within 48 business hours.

Owners choose to show their phone number for calling or texting along with a custom message to finders who scan the lost item’s QR codes or tap the NFC chip. Owners can change these details by accessing “Members Login” at www.tinytags.co.uk

Owners choose which details to disclose to finders who scan a tinytags product. They can choose to disclose their phone number for calling or texting and/or their email address.  Owners must disclose either their phone number or email address to be contacted and can also leave instructions on how to return the item for the finder in the custom message field. Correspondence between finders and owners is not anonymous. Both finders & owners need to disclose their phone number and/or email address for communication to occur.

re QR Stickers: Tinytags can’t guarantee that the people who have found your lost item will contact you, nor do we guarantee the state, content or conditions of found items. However you will receive a GPS alert when your sticker is scanned so you will know when and where your item was last seen. The QR Code Label product does not prevent theft of items and we can’t guarantee that the item will be recovered. The customer remains responsible for the safekeeping of their personal belongings. The owner is responsible for ensuring that contact details are accurate and up to date for the purposes of being contacted in the instance where an item with a QR Code Label is lost/found.

Re: Tinytags tags – these useful tags are durable and robust but if these become lost or left behind simply log into “Members Login” and amend the text accordingly.