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tinytag wristband

tinytag wristband



TinyTags Wristbands: Peace of Mind on Your Child’s Wrist (NFC & QR code)

Imagine: You enjoying a family day out, theme park, festival or you might be on a family holiday and you lose sight of your child. It’s such a horrible feeling but don’t worry tinytags wristbands are here to provide a smart wearable gadget which holds your contact information. tinytags Wristband provide peace of mind and can help to reunite you in seconds! These comfortable, waterproof wristbands display emergency contact information with a simple scan of the QR code or tap the NFC chip, offering peace of mind for parents and a sense of security for kids.

  • Here’s why TinyTags wristbands are perfect for busy families:
    • Effortless Setup: Simply scan your wristband and set up your details on screen. (Perfect for days out, summer clubs, after school clubs, swimming lessons etc)
    • Easy Updates: Need to change your contact info? Simply edit it through your secure Members Login.
    • Peace of Mind, Affordably: Share across the whole family, simply update the information on your tag and as often as you’d like

KidSafe wristbands:

  • Peace of Mind for Parents: Our wristbands have an NFC chip and a QR code. Update with contact numbers and medical information. Simply scan or tap a wristband to reveal emergency information. Alerts and GPS location is sent (chose email and or text).
  • Empowering Kids: Teach your child about responsibility with a safety net in place. They’ll gain confidence knowing they can ask for help from a safe adult if needed. First responders can access medical information.

These neutral colour wristbands are suitable for the whole family. A proactive approach to keeping your children safe in an ever-connected world. Get yours today and let the adventures begin, worry-free!

TinyTags Wristbands are more than just stylish:

  • Enhanced Safety: Display emergency contact information clearly for swift response in case of emergencies.
  • Durable & Waterproof: Withstand all-day adventures, rain or shine.
  • NFC & QR Technology: Dual functionality allows scanning with any smartphone camera or NFC reader.
  • Customizable: Update your contact information anytime through our secure Members Login.
  • Comfortable & Secure: bands stretch to fit.