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Sharing the tinytags Story

January 6, 2024

bolsover tv tinytags

I’ve got some exciting news to share that took me out of my comfort zone and into the spotlight! Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Bolsover TV about tinytags and the game-changing benefits it brings to parents like us. 🎥✨

Embracing the Unfamiliar

As many of you know, speaking on camera isn’t something I do every day. But, when I had the opportunity to speak to Bolsover TV to discuss tinytags and its role in ensuring the safety of our little ones, I knew it was a chance to spread the word and help more families.

Sharing the tinytags Story

During the interview, I explained the inspiration behind tinytags, its unique features, and the peace of mind it offers to parents. We explored how this small yet powerful solution can make a big difference in keeping families connected and safe. Stepping into the spotlight was a journey beyond my comfort zone, but it was also an incredible experience. It allowed me share the passion behind tinytags, and, most importantly, highlight the importance of child safety.

Gratitude and Looking Ahead

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Bolsover TV for this wonderful opportunity. It’s thanks to each one of you, our tinytags family, that we continue to grow.

Watch the Interview!

Curious to see how it all unfolded? I invite you to watch the interview on Bolsover TV and get a closer look at the tinytags journey.

Here’s to embracing the unfamiliar, sharing stories that matter, and ensuring that every child stays safe with tinytags! 🚀💙

Bolsover TV – 5 January 2024 from Bolsover TV on Vimeo.

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