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Introducing Tiny Tags  –  Wearable safety solutions for children 

Imagine: Your loose sight of your child at the shops or loose them in a busy park, its a horrible panic filled few minuets.  With tinytags tags you’re child has wearable contact information on them, a safe adult like a security guard or another parent with children can tap their tinytag tag and contact you in seconds. A location alert is sent in real time. With a tinytags tag, simply scan to reveal contact information and be reunited in a flash! Tiny Tags tags are super versatile, attach to a zip, backpack, lanyard etc  – the possibilities are endless! They’re designed with children in mind and are waterproof, durable & weather resistant, so you can be sure they’ll stay put through adventures, rain or shine.

Here’s why Tiny Tags are perfect for busy families:

    • Effortless Setup: Scan your tag and update the information on screen
    • Easy Updates: Need to change your contact info? Simply edit it through your secure Members Login.
    • Peace of Mind, Affordably: priced with parents in mind, affordable safety and peace of mind in case of need
    • Peace of Mind for Parents: Know that your contact information is just a tap away for a first responder in case of need
    • Empowering Kids: Teach your child about safety with a safety net in place. They’ll gain confidence knowing they can ask for help if needed.
    • Multipurpose Use: Attach to a variety of clothing items, bags, keys and lanyards etc

tinytags, Big Safety!

Available in 5 colours and designs more than just a decorative accessory  – they’re a proactive approach to keeping your children safe in an ever-connected world. Get yours today and let the adventures begin, worry-free!

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 0.2 cm

Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red


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