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tinytag Stickers

tinytag Stickers


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Introducing Tiny Tags Stickers – The Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Belongings with QR Stickers.

Imagine: Your child leaves their scooter or bike at the park, with a tinytags Sticker, simply scan to reveal contact information and be reunited in a flash! Tiny Tags Stickers are super versatile! Stick them on anything you want to keep track of – bikes, scooters, helmets, water bottles, suitcases, sports equipment, electronics – the possibilities are endless! They’re also resistant and waterproof, so you can be sure they’ll stay put through adventures, rain or shine.

  • Here’s why Tiny Tags Stickers are perfect for busy families:

    • Effortless Setup: Set up one sticker and all 8 stickers in the pack share the same information. (Perfect for bikes, scooters, helmets, water bottles – you name it!)
    • Easy Updates: Need to change your contact info? Simply edit it through your secure Members Login.
    • Peace of Mind, Affordably: Keep track of your precious belongings for only £9.99 per pack!

KidSafe QR stickers:

  • Peace of Mind for Parents: Keep track of your belongings for worry-free playtime at parks, amusement parks or even during after-school activities.
  • Empowering Kids: Teach your child about responsibility with a safety net in place. They’ll gain confidence knowing their belongings are protected.
  • Multipurpose Use: Label valuable items like bikes or scooters, electronics, suitcases etc for easy identification in case of loss.

Small stickers, Big Safety!

These vibrant stickers are more than just decorations – they’re a proactive approach to keeping your belongings safe in an ever-connected world. Get yours today and let the adventures begin, worry-free! Stickers are 8 per back and measure 30mm. Set up once for all 8 stickers and update in “Members Login” screen.

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