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Keeping Your Wanderer Safe: Tiny Tags and Autism Elopement

April 16, 2024


For parents of children with autism, the fear of elopement – wandering off unexpectedly – is a constant worry. Statistics from the National Autistic Society in the UK show that around half of all children on the spectrum will elope at some point, putting them at risk of getting lost or injured. This fear is backed by research. A 2012 study published in ScienceDaily.

While constant supervision is crucial, it’s not always possible, especially in crowded environments like parks, shopping centres, or during family outings. Here’s where tinytags can offer some peace of mind.

Understanding Elopement in Autism:

Elopement can be a confusing and frightening experience for both the child and the parent/carer. Several factors can contribute to elopement in autistic children, including:

  • Sensory Overload: Busy environments with loud noises, bright lights, and strong smells can be overwhelming for some autistic individuals, leading them to seek a calmer space.
  • Fixation on Objects or Routines: A child might elope to chase a specific object like a bird or train, or to follow a strict routine that may involve leaving a particular environment.
  • Communication Difficulties: Children with autism who struggle to express themselves verbally might elope (wandering off unexpectedly) out of frustration or a desire for escape.
  • Limited Awareness of Danger: Some autistic individuals may not fully understand the potential dangers of wandering off unsupervised.

The National Autistic Society (NAS) offers a wealth of resources on autism and elopement in the UK, including:

How Tiny Tags Can Help Prevent Elopement:

tinytags offer wearable NFC (Nearfield communication) tags and wristbands (QR and NFC) which are designed with children in mind. When scanned with a smartphone, they display crucial information like your child’s name, emergency contact details, and any allergies they may have. These are a cheaper alternative to GPS trackers and more resilient than a paper wristband.

Here’s how tinytags can help provide some peace of mind to parents:

  • Peace of Mind for Parents: Knowing your child is wearing a tinytag allows you to relax a bit more, confident that they can be easily helped and reunited.
  • Quick Reunions: If your child does wander off, a finder can quickly scan the tinytag using their smartphone to access their information and contact you immediately. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to get your child back safely. You also receive a location alert and text message telling you where and when the tag was scanned in real time.
  • Medical Information at Hand: In case of emergency, medical personnel can access any vital medical information stored in the tinytags profile, such as allergies or medications. This is fully updatable.

tinytags: More Than Just Safety

tinytags can also be a great tool for promoting independence in children with autism. The ability to wear their own tinytag can foster a sense of independence.

Join the Tiny Tags Community

We understand the unique challenges faced by parents of children with autism. tinytags is committed to providing resources and support to this community. Visit our website at www.tinytags.co.uk to learn more about our products and connect with other parents in the UK.

Remember: tinytags are not a replacement for supervision. However, they can provide a valuable layer of security and peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy outings with your child with a little less worry.

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Written by Katie Green

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