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How to Manage a Mammoth: A Bedtime Story for Little Diabetics (and Everyone Else!)

June 10, 2024


Looking for a fun and imaginative way to talk to your child about diabetes? Look no further than Dr. Rose Stewart’s “How to Manage a Mammoth: A book for children and families living with Type 1 diabetes.” This charming story, soon to be featured as a CBeebies bedtime story, takes a unique approach to explaining the challenges and triumphs of managing diabetes.

A Friendly Mammoth Named Mel

The story follows Jake, a young boy who discovers his diabetes isn’t just a medical condition – it’s a giant, furry mammoth named Mel! Mel can be a bit of a handful, sometimes stomping around and making things difficult (sound familiar, parents?). But with the help of his mum and friends, Jake learns how to work with Mel, not against him.

Imagination Meets Practicality

Stewart, a renowned diabetes psychologist, masterfully blends fantasy with reality. Children will connect with the relatable character of Jake, while the playful depiction of diabetes as a mammoth provides a non-threatening way to understand the condition. The story also subtly reinforces healthy habits like finger pricking and insulin injections, all while emphasizing the importance of teamwork and support.

Beyond Diagnosis

“How to Manage a Mammoth” isn’t just for children with diabetes. It’s a heartwarming tale for any child facing a challenge. The book celebrates resilience, problem-solving, and the power of friendship. Whether your child has diabetes, another health concern, or simply needs a boost of confidence, this story offers valuable lessons wrapped in a delightful bedtime adventure.

A Must-Read for Parents and Kids Alike

With its engaging narrative, relatable characters, and clever metaphor, “How to Manage a Mammoth” is a welcome addition to any family’s bookshelf. It’s a book that can be read again and again, sparking conversations, fostering understanding, and making diabetes management a little less daunting.

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Peace of Mind for Parents, Confidence for Kids

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