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tinytags book club: A Review of “The Classroom Mystery” by Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway

April 29, 2024


My Daughter and I have received a ADHD diagnoses. My first thought was to look for resources on the internet, I wanted some advice and guidance about how to discuss this in an age appropriate way with her, only problem is that we are also trying to limit screen time as this is an topic we frequently argue about. I wanted to learn about ADHD together and share the experience. We love books and frequently visit our local library. We spoke to our local librarian who suggested that we read The Classroom Mystery a book about ADHD written by Dr Tracy Packiam Alloway. I thought it would be good to share this book with the tinytags community.

Is your child fascinated by mysteries? Do they ever struggle with focusing in class? If so, then “The Classroom Mystery: A Book About ADHD (SEN Superpowers)” by Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway might be the perfect pick for your next story time.

This adorable children’s book tackles ADHD in a positive and empowering way. The story centres around Izzy, a bright student with “SEN superpowers” – a term the book uses to describe her ADHD. When someone starts stealing Snowball the bunny’s carrots, Izzy’s detective skills kick in. Using her strengths in observation and creative thinking, she sets out to solve the case.

Here’s what makes “The Classroom Mystery” a great pick:

  • Empowering Narrative: The book reframes ADHD as a set of unique strengths. Izzy’s ability to hyper focus comes in handy during her investigation, while her boundless energy fuels her determination. This approach helps children with ADHD see their own traits in a positive light.
  • Engaging Mystery: Th book keeps young readers hooked. They’ll be right alongside Izzy, piecing together clues and racing to find the culprit.
  • Colourful Illustrations: Ana Sanfelippo’s illustrations add to the story’s charm and bring the characters and classroom to life.

The Classroom Mystery” is a wonderful tool for parents and educators to introduce ADHD to children. It fosters empathy, understanding, and celebrates the unique ways our brains work.

Looking for more?

This book is part of the “SEN Superpowers” series, which includes other stories about neurodiversity. You can also find online resources like YouTube channels about ADHD to supplement your child’s learning about ADHD.

So grab a copy of “The Classroom Mystery” and get ready to crack the case – together!

Tiny Tags: Big Help for Kids and Parents

While “The Classroom Mystery” empowers children with ADHD, keeping an eye on any child whilst out an about can still be a challenge. This is where tinytags come in! These small, wearable tags can be a lifesaver for both children and parents.

Enhanced Safety for Children: tinytags offer a range of products which contain QR codes and NFC chips. When scanned with a smartphone, they can display crucial information like a child’s name, emergency contact details, and any allergies they may have. This allows for a quick and safe reunion in case a child gets separated from their parents in a crowd.

Peace of Mind for Parents: Knowing that your child is wearing a tinytag allows parents to relax and enjoy outings, confident that their little ones can be easily identified if needed. Parents of children with ADHD can take comfort in knowing their child’s whereabouts can be quickly located, reducing worry and stress.

Written by Katie Green

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