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A Family Day Out at the National Emergency Services Museum!

June 2, 2024

National Emergency Services Museum with your kids! From interactive exhibits to real emergency vehicles, there's something for all ages. Plus, learn how Tiny Tags wearable safety solutions can give you peace of mind during family adventures. #Sheffield #FamilyFun #EmergencyServices #TinyTags

Half term and “what to do” with the kids! This half term we decided to head into Sheffield City Centre and discover the the National Emergency Services Museum which turned out to be a hidden gem that kept both our 3-year-old and 8-year-old entertained for hours.

We weren’t sure what to expect as there is a lot of road works happening in Sheffield City Center at the moment but we forgot about all of that the moment we stepped inside, we were all hooked. You can’t hear the road from inside and you are fully immersed in the displays straight away. The museum spans three floors, each packed with interactive exhibits and displays that bring the world of emergency services to life. There is a café on the ground floor to recharge with coffee and cake after exploring the exhibits and a giftshop which is a separate room which you don’t have to go through if you don’t want.

A Sensory Adventure for All Ages:

Our 8 year old loves drawing and gravitated towards the crafting and play space on the upper floor. She spent ages making a pin badge with a lovely volunteer and cutting and sticking with the crafting paper and stickers which had been laid out. Later in the afternoon the Volunteer read a story to the children which they found very engaging with lots of participation. Our 3 year old loved the kinetic sand and playing with the cars – it was a nice opportunity to sit and rest after chasing them around the bottom floor and outside.

On the ground floor you can explore the old police cells and read about historic crime and punishment. There is also a wide variety of emergency services vehicles which you can climb inside. My son liked playing paramedic and pulled and touched every clasp, clip, button, strap you name it inside the ambulance. Upstairs he could ride a police motorbike and follow a street chase on screen, he was fascinated by the flashing lights and sirens, and spent a good chunk of time imagining himself responding to an emergency!

More Than Just Vehicles:

The museum isn’t just about flashing lights and fire engines (although there are plenty of those too!). We learned about the history of emergency services in the UK, from the early days of horse-drawn fire carts to the modern technology used by paramedics today.

There were fascinating displays showcasing different uniforms, communication equipment, and even a glimpse into the lives of Victorian criminals! The museum uses a clever combination of information boards, interactive screens, and hands-on activities to keep everyone engaged, regardless of age.

Plan your visit:

  • Blue Peter Badge: We didn’t realise before we went but children with a Blue Peter badge get free entry! It’s a great way to save some money and keep the little ones happy.
  • Membership Made Easy: We paid £26.50 for a family ticket on the day however you can book online in advance. There are discounts available or Emergency service staff, students and other concessions – check the website for further information. Every new purchased ticket is automatically upgraded to a year ticket for no extra charge so you can visit for 12 months from the date of your first visit for free. 
  • Opening times: The National Emergency Services Museum is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (last entry 3:00 pm). You can find more information about their opening times, exhibits, and pricing on their website.
  • Roadworks? No Worries!: There’s some construction happening around the museum at the moment, but don’t let that deter you. You can’t hear a thing from inside.

A fun Day Out for the Family:

The National Emergency Services Museum is a fantastic place to spend a family day out, whether you have little ones who are fascinated by flashing lights or older children who are curious about the history of emergency services. It’s educational, engaging, and most importantly, a whole lot of fun! We highly recommend checking it out, especially if you’re looking for an affordable and exciting activity in Sheffield.

Peace of Mind for Family Adventures:

Heading into the City Center might fill you with anxiety especially on this occasion there were lots of road works so we had to try a different route on foot. Family outings are all about fun, but a moment’s distraction can lead to a panicked search for a missing child. Tiny Tags wearable safety solutions offer peace of mind during busy days out. Whether it’s a trip to the museum or a day at the park, simply scan a Tiny Tags tag or tap an NFC wristband to instantly access your child’s pre-loaded emergency information. This could include contact details, allergies, or any other vital information a first responder might need. We learnt from our visit to the museum the importance of staying calm and acting fast in an emergency our tinytags provide a first responder with the information to keep your child safe until either you are reunited or medical help can be accessed.

Lost and Found Made Easy:

Tiny Tags stickers are also perfect for labelling any belongings your child might bring along. Whether it’s a school bag, a favourite toy, or even the buggy a Tiny Tags sticker makes lost and found a breeze. A simple scan reunites the lost item with its owner quickly and easily.

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